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HxD is a fast hex editor which includes raw disk editing, modifying foreign RAM, handling files of any size, and it’s freeware. HxD was developed by Maël Hörz for the Windows OS and was written in Object Pascal, a dialect of Pascal. HxD is also available a wide range of languages making it one of the multilingual tools available.

HxD has many features and uses as a hex editor that it is a must for any advanced PC user. Also being capable of open files up to 8EiB in size is adds the fact that this hex editor quite ludicrous in performance. Speaking of performance, it also features partial loading to speed things up even more.

HxD has more advanced file features like a “File Shredder”. This “File Shredder” overwrites the data that is being deleted which actually deletes the files. Another feature would be concatenating files. This can be useful in niche moments but is always well come as another tool in the toolbox.

HxD can also perform other maneuvers such as calculating and checking checksums as well as hashes. It can perform search and replaces on multiple data types such as floats, integers, and strings.

In conclusion, if you need an uber hex editor that can edit files of practically any size, use HxD.

Size: 851KB
OS: Win 9x/ME/NT/2K/XP/2K3
In: Programming > Programming Editors


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