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Steam is one of the borderline necessary tools for PC gamers. Steam was created by the Valve Corporation. So, what does Steam provide? Steam is an online platform for buying and managing games you play. Even if the game you want to play is not on steam and its developers do not plan on coming aboard you can add it to your library as a non-Steam game so you can have all your games in one place. This is not even scratching the surface of what Steam has to offer.

Let’s get back to buying games on Steam. Steam has 3500+ games ranging from standard AAA action-shooters to Indie games that offer a unique experience. Steam also provides DRM. Steam’s DRM system allows users who have bought the game to play it on multiple computers while locking out users who haven’t. Another feature is the Steam Cloud. The Steam Cloud saves game saves and settings on the cloud so any progress or changes made on one computer will be the same on the other computer.

Steam sales. You haven’t seen a sale until you’ve seen a steam sale. The major steam sales usually occur near the end of each season. During this time, you can find a large number of games on sale by more than 50-percent. Some games even cost a few cents, though these are sometimes the lesser developed ones but none the less fun.

Steam also has a thriving community. With forums and posting walls for every game allowing you can connect with other gamers around the world. You can even make your own group which can be customized with admins, mods, players of the week, and even your own group forum. In multiplayer games, your group tag will even be displayed and can also be animated – albeit with some nifty tricks and only in certain games-. Also, you can join multiple groups meaning you do not have to pledge allegiance to the Peanut Butter group forever. Steam’s community is massive and there is some much more to go through. To give you an idea some groups have a 1,000,000+ users. That is ridiculous considering this is an online community that fits niche role.

Steam gives you the ability to create and share content for games. You can gift friends games or make mods that they can download from the “workshop”. The workshop is a collection of mods or add-ons made by user just like everyone else so they can further enjoy the game.

Steam is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

In conclusion, Steam is mandatory for gamers with passion and those who want to find a community. If you want to play games, use Steam to find and play them.


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