Superpower – An open-source game development IDE

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Superpower is a free, open-source, HMl5 game development IDE. Superpower was created and is maintained by Sparklin Labs. Superpower is easy to use and widely available IDE that should make game development easier for the web. The supported OS’s are Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Superpower was recently made open-source and has gained some interest. Being very easy to work with and streamlined it should be a potent game development tool for the web.

Superpower does not have a lot of detail on their web page and on the internet but is peeking the interest of people on the internet. What is known is that the target platform for games created with it is HTML5. It makes use of three.js, Socket.IO, TypeScript,
Electron, Node.js as well as other well-known open-source projects.

As of now there is not much to be found about Superpower that can give us more to loathe about but it looks like a solid game dev tool. Since it is free it will always be welcome on our PC’s. When more info is found a new article will be released.


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