Unreal Engine 4 – The ultimate game engine

Unreal Engine 4
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Unreal Engine 4 is a powerful, supported, and open-source game engine. It was created and is maintained by Epic Games. Epic Games may ring a bell because they were the original creators of the Gears of War Series before with Gears of War 3 being the last developed by Epic Games. Back on track, Unreal Engine is arguably the most potent game engine available for free that is well supported. Unreal was and is written using C++, C#, GLSL, Cg, and HLSL.

Unreal Engine offers an IDE, live-debugging and “Blueprint”.  The Unreal Engines IDE contains all the bells and whistles that a game dev might need but to a new user, it can be very daunting. The live-debugging feature makes coding a much easier as you don’t have to recompile every time you make a change. The editor also lets you play your game right inside of it which is nice. Then comes “Blueprint”. Blueprint is Unreal Engines visual scripting tool that makes setting up your game for a demo or some trials super easy.

Next let’s take about pricing. Epic Games requires that for every game made using Unreal if you make more than $3,000 per Quarter, you must pay 5% of all profit. If you consider how powerful the engine is, as well as the support you get, taped together with a quality marketplace. The 5% is worth it.

In conclusion, Unreal Engine is a monstrously powerful, open-source, and comes at an ok price. This is a game engine for those who want to take a quantum leap forward.


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