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So much awesome and scary tied together in an awesome package.

I decided to put the raw output in as the article so you can judge. The punctuation is smy fault (I paused a lot while using this), but that’s the point. It wouldn’t take much work to get this fixed. In fact, that could be pushed into some “grammarly” type app and ta-da, instant articles. Take a look for yourself.


Google recorder, let me save it first.

There’s so much awesome and scary tied together in this application. I don’t know where to begin this article.

It does exactly what it says with an intuitive interface.And an incredible search capability.But even with all of those things.The instantaneous transcription is the best. I’ve seen.Ever.

I am using this Google recorder application to create the entire blog just to test it out because I’ve been looking for something to do this for years and have tested it with multiple different applications like dragon naturally speaking and other online tools.But there was always something a little.

Bit lacking.

The final product required so much editing.Above and beyond the verbal miscues. I provided.And the interfaces to do it.Were not the best, however this application seems to be able to identify intent whether or not it’s a question or not so I don’t need to specify the punctuation however I pause is our automatically converted into periods which for me especially when I’m using this application.

Tends to screw up the flow and it’s not necessarily how I would write it, however it seems like it’s a lot less editing required in order to have this be presentable for a blog or a post period.

It even records the location of where you are so I’m assuming that over time as you use this you could pull up meetings etc where you’re going out and you’re it’s just transcribing everything.Now the spell check on it, it’s pretty accurate. I mean, I’ve noticed from the recordings I’d go back and listen to what it was trained and the words that it’s missed typing are actually what I said.

I am saying the word wrong, so I have to be more conscious of what I’m saying when I’m recording in order to have.A more polished output provided.

I think by using this app, in fact, you could become a much better public speaker by getting the flow it will help you remove the ums that.Tend to go into the conversation.As.Gaps.Where you’re trying to catch up, whereas if you learn to remove those the flow at least I believe will sound more natural and more prepared, maybe not more natural but more prepared.

I have to take a look. I’m not even looking at the transcription as this is recording now.Pretty interesting how passive this is.I’m staring at my screen with the title of the blog post in.Simply speaking and it’s transcribing everything I’m saying.

Much faster than I could possibly type this out.With perfect spelling and punctuation.This application is hands down one of the coolest however and this is a big however.Those of you who are security conscious.Will.No doubt.See all the potential for mishap.Misuse.Exploitation.Etc.So it’s hard for me.

To offer this application as a recommended app.You give up a lot for this cool convenience.

I recommend you take a look.And make.A decision based off of your use case whether or not this would be.An app that you would consider.Awesome.

I can tell you from years of experience of testing these.Applications.Specifically for voice recognition and transcription.That they are above and beyond the best to date.


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